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Jika engkau adalah senja, akulah gadis yang tergesa pulang agar bisa duduk di balkon yang tersiram gradasi jinggamu.

Jika engkau adalah airmata, akulah surat cinta yang kautetesi hingga menjadikanmu nyata.

Jika engkau adalah langit, akulah ikan terbang yang kerap meninggalkan rumah untuk mencumbumu.

Dan jika aku mawar yang kaupetik, gantunglah aku terbalik agar aroma kasihku senantiasa dapat terbetik.


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Doa Subuh

Wahai Engkau yang membuat mereka berkicau di pagi hari.

Adakah mereka sedang bercerita tentang sudut-sudut bumi yang telah mereka telaahi?

Tentang indahnya bongkahan-bongkahan es raksasa menjulang tinggi hingga patung Liberty simbol kebebasan sebuah negeri.

Tentang kawah warna warni & hamparan kembang mewangi.

Tentang Aurora Borealis fenomena listrik & atmosfir yang magis.

Tentang setiap benda yang bernafas, bergerak, tertawa, menangis.

Hai burung, teruslah bernyanyi, sebab kalian lebih mengenal-Nya dibanding kami.

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It’s Here!

The fake snowflakes
White fluffy strings strung around around the trees

Of pine or plastic, their green is fantastic
Balls made of glass reflect smiles of glee

Candy canes that swirl as they twirl in your mouth.

Of Movies that give you the warm fuzzy feeling.
On love, miracles and that magical spirit.

A jolly old man with his cloudy white beard.
And Rudolph! Oh, Rudolph may I borrow your light?

Take a stroll to the mall for carols to color your year.
George Michael and Mariah just might visit your ear.

An excuse to kiss him here in my pocket, a mistletoe waits.
Or just talk as we silently watch out for reindeers galloping on rooftops.
Prancer, Vixen, Comet and.. darn, I forgot!

Milk and cookies for Santa and a shot of gin to keep him warm? Why not?

Christmas is here, dear. Ready or not…

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I get off the elevator on level six. Two buckets full of dirty dishwipes in each hand. I push open the door to the Emergency Staircase with my right shoulder. One flight of stairs I climbed up to the rooftop.

I walk towards several old washing machines in a corner. I dump in the washload. A cupful of detergent. Press a button and the cleaning starts.

The autumn air was crisp on the seventh. Houses below held their breaths. Clouds grouped and formed white shreds of cotton floating across the shimmering horizon. A crow cries somewhere afar.

I was ecstatic and felt like dancing. The wide open rooftop beckoned me to.

I walked over to the middle. Heartbeat accellerating.
It’s been how many years since I last did this?
I remember being good at it.
As I raise my hands in the air, I glance around at the nearby apartments.
Someone might be watching.
I didn’t care. I want to do this, and do it now.
Before I change my mind or chicken out.

I take two steps back and arch my spine.
I feel the strength surging to my hands.
Palms already layered with a film of sweat.
I move sideways, tipping my left upper body towards the asphalt surface of the rooftop.
I’m a pinnacle.
A wheel.
It all goes too fast, left hand, right hand… feet in the air but not as straight as I could do before.
Down turn, right foot touches the ground and then my left.
Back at one.
X form of me.

It was that thrilling.
I decided to do it again.
And several times more.

Thus I conclude:

Our body does not stiffen up due to age.
Our hearts do.
We do not lose the flexibility in our limbs.
We lose our confidence in being flexible.
Do what I did, on the hotel rooftop,

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What is Yellow?

The lemon drops that chase away my tear drops
The post-its that remind me of things I might forget
The walls, soft creamy walls, we shall paint to brighten all our days
The pencils I use to bring to life what is on my mind and inside my heart
The jealousy I feel when I am insecure or having my PMS
The cake mom makes of butter, flour, cheese and eggs and last but not least
The yolks of my runny sunny side ups

But what reminds me most of that color lately

Is the funny little way you like to say “Hello”.

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What is Life?

Life is not a matter of decisions when I’m with you.
I could perfectly know nothing about what awaits me when I choose the right path or the left, yet when you hold my hand all I know is I am in good hands.
Life is not a conformity during our time together.
It’s about listening to our inner children that follow the light of their own conscience not everybody else’s.
Life is not about being happy over other people’s miseries when you’re around.
It’s more like a live and let live situation. Love and let love.
Life is not about having to abandon one love to be with another when it comes to you.
It’s as if forever is not a limit and they are bound to accept some time.
Life is not about the past, present or the future when it comes to us.
It’s beyond that.
That is why I don’t know what it is.
Not just yet.

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